Advanced Foot and Ankle

Foot pain is a symptom of many under-diagnosed podiatry issues. These include an array of foot conditions, including bunions, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, fractures and tendon conditions. Advanced Foot and Ankle (AFA) podiatric physicians are specifically trained in treating men, women, and children.

Advanced Foot and Ankle (AFA) physicians have extensive knowledge of diabetic and athletic conditions. AFA podiatrists are board certified and undergo on-going training programs to help keep up with the newest techniques to treat your foot ailments. ASA affiliate podiatrists work with integrity to ensure each patient has all the information they need in order to make good decisions regarding their foot and ankle health.

If you have pain in or around the area of your foot and ankle, do not ignore the pain. It is not at all normal! Schedule an appointment with an AFA affiliate podiatrist who will help you get to the root of your problem and ensure correct diagnosis and a speedy recovery. AFA certified specialists are trained specifically and extensively in the diagnosis and treatment of all foot conditions to bring their knowledge to you.