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You may have problems with your ankles and feet that require a Podiatrist. This is usually the case when your aches and pains go beyond what’s considered normal. For instance, it’s normal to have sore feet after standing on them all day. But if your feet hurt so bad until you can’t stand on them, then you need help. If you live in Chicago, the surrounding suburbs, Indiana or Wisconsin you can get help for your feet and ankles from a local Podiatrist.

Here are some of the more common problems a Podiatrist in Chicago, the surrounding suburbs, Indiana or Wisconsin can help you solve:

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If your foot suddenly goes flat, it could be because of a ruptured tendon. Some people have naturally flat feet, but most people have feet that are slight arched. If you notice your formerly arched foot is now flatter than before, you should seek help. A tendon problem can lead to more serious complications down the road.

Pain that gets worse when you walk. Foot problems, such as Achilles tendonitis cause a great deal of pain when you walk. The pain is at its most intense after first walking in the morning or when getting up after sitting for an extended period of time. Inflammation of the Achilles tendon is what leads to Achilles tendonitis, and it can be a sign of more harmful problems to come.

Both of your feet should be the same color. So if you notice that one or both of your feet have changed color, you should see a Podiatrist. If your foot becomes a shade or two darker than normal, you may have a problem with circulation. It may also feel harder than normal to the touch. Redness can also indicate gout or an infection.

Podiatrists care for any skin and nail problem involving the feet. Corns and callus can be caused by foot deformities (bunions, high arches, and hammer toes), poor fitting shoes or excessive high impact activities. A podiatrist will use sterile instruments to gently remove the hard skin and then provide advice on future prevention and management strategies. Ingrown toenails, fungal and hard, thickened nails can be treated easily using medical grade techniques to provide painless and quick solutions to resolve the problem.

Many diabetics experience numbness or a tingling sensation in their feet. This is called Neuropathy, and it’s a form of nerve damage. Some Podiatrists specialize in diabetic treatment, so if you’re a diabetic experiencing numbness in your feet, seek help as soon as possible.

This is only a small sampling of the problems that can occur with your feet. A good Chicago, the surrounding suburbs, Indiana or Wisconsin Podiatrist will be able to help you with all of the problems listed above. In fact, a good Podiatrist should be able to help you with any problem associated with your feet. Make sure to thoroughly research any doctor you plan to visit.

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Remember, having a qualified Podiatrist that is convenient to your home or workplace is important to both you and the health of your feet.