Certified Foot Doctors

Advanced Foot and Ankle was established in 1995 by a group of independent podiatrists, who wanted to improve the way footcare was being delivered to patients.

Advanced Foot and Ankle has over 250 convenient locations serving Chicago, surrounding suburbs and parts of Indiana and Wisconsin. AFA affiliate podiatrists are on staff at most major hospitals and medical centers.

AFA affiliate podiatrists must meet stringent criteria to be selected as members of the elite Advanced Foot and Ankle Physician group. Here are some interesting statistics about our certified foot doctors:

  • 100% of our doctors are on accredited hospital staffs and hold teaching positions at post-graduate residency programs. Our doctors teach surgery to podiatric surgeons in training
  • 95% of the podiatric physicians are board certified in surgery, as compared to 24% nationally
  • 100% of the podiatric physicians are board eligible
  • Credentialing is done via NCQA standards and primary verification and our podiatric physicians have acceptable records with the National Practitioner’s Data Bank
  • Doctors must be board certified in their specialty within 3 years
Foot doctors
Group of Podiatrists

Our podiatrists offer the following foot care services in most offices

  • Digital X-Ray or foot/ankle specific diagnostic x-ray services
  • Diagnostic ultrasound is available in many locations
  • In-office physical therapy services in many locations
  • Some offices offer MLS laser therapy for treatment of pain (used by professional sports teams for faster recovery!)
  • Shockwave therapy for heel pain
  • Circulation testing for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in many locations
Podiatrists performing surgery

State of the Art Surgical Techniques

Thanks to recent advances, foot surgery is much more comfortable and faster healing than in the past. Many of our podiatrists are trained in minimally invasive techniques that get you back faster to your life and work!

Injured ankle

Conservative Foot Care

For patients who prefer nonsurgical approaches to foot and ankle care, our doctors our very responsive to your needs. We will exhaust every conservative care approach with you to treat your condition. You will be treated by gentle doctors in a calming environment.

heel pain

Heel Pain Relief

Our doctors are trained in new conservative techniques for heel pain (plantar fasciitis). Most heel pain responds well to traditional treatment. Occasionally, persistent heel pain can be debilitating and require more advanced treatment. Our doctors are trained in shockwave therapy treatment for heel pain – a non surgical approach to a painful condition. Some doctors offer MLS laser therapy in the office, a painless treatment for heel pain as well as generalized foot/ankle pain.